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Our Mission

Night of the Living Podcast’s mission is to produce audio podcasts on relevant genre subjects (broadly defined as horror, speculative fiction, myths, and urban legends) from realms of film, television, comic books, and literature. Through our unique staff of contributors and listener community, we seek to create a sense of fellowship through a shared interest in this segment of pop culture. We aim to invite our listeners to a cozy virtual "diner booth" where we can share in a discussion of the stuff that made us all friends to begin with. 

Our Vision

The producers and contributors to NOTLP offer an ad-free experience to our Legion of Demons at These individuals provide financial support that helps pay our hosting costs, travel expenses, equipment repairs/replacements, and everything else that our contributors need to keep creating great content in the NOTLP Studio and on the road. As the Legion of Demons grows, we hope it will create opportunities for our contributors to get out of the studio more and cover exciting happenings around the world.

Night of the Living Podcast is...






The podcast is produced by Freddy Morris and engineered by Amy and Freddy Morris.