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Nov 29, 2015

Minneapolis actor Paul Cram was chosen to narrate The Face Stealer audiobook by UK author Robert Scott-Norton. The book, which just came out on iTunes, Audible and Amazon, clocks in at 10 hours.

This is the first time Paul has narrated a novel of this length, and it's the author's first time having one of his books produced in this format.

The author said, "Giving your book over to somebody else to play with is a tough moment for any writer. Paul's initial audition for my book was atmospheric and moody and had me hooked in a way I shouldn't have been as the author. He brought a new light to the work and gave me confidence."

Paul said, "What first piqued my intrigue about the book was that it was being compared to Torchwood. That cool British sci-fi show. I wasn't disappointed with the comparison as The Face Stealer is brimming with covert government operations, and reluctant heroes. I really am looking forward to reading other books by Mr Scott-Norton!"

Paul Cram is currently working in a role on the movie "Wilson" with Woody Harrelson & Laura Dern, is on the current MN Twins baseball commercial airing in Minnesota, and now has "audiobook narrator" to add to his resume. Visit him online at

Robert Scott-Norton writes to thrill, entertain, and keep people reading until the last page. Raised in Southport, he's lived there most of his life and has concluded that this ordinary seaside town is the perfect setting for all the horrors he can throw at it. Visit him online at

Paul Cram

Robert Scott-Norton