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The Spinoffs!

Oct 17, 2015

It’s a mega-episode! We present our #FlauntYourHaunt2015 podcast! Enjoy!


Featuring: The Angelus, The Dent Schoolhouse, The USS Nightmare, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck Spooky Walk, Land of Illusion and Universal Studios Horror Nights. 




Ron from The Angelus, Adam “Bubba” Kraus, Bud and the cast and crew of The Dent Schoolhouse Allen Rizzo, Steve Schreibeis of the USS Nightmare, Don Helbig of Kings Island, Brett Oakley of Land of Illusion, Troy Sauer, Mikey B AKA “The Other White Mike,” Evan Slead, SelfieRob, Allen Rizzo, Steve S Schreibeis, and Susan Murphy.