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Sep 14, 2014

NOTLP Episode 381 - HorrorHound Weekend Indy 2014 Picture
HorrorHound Radio and Night of the Living Podcast present our joint coverage of HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis 2014! Movies, celebrities, musicians and more. Enjoy! 00:00:08 Intro 00:05:25 Review - Short: “I Owe You” 00:11:51 Review - Feature Hanover House 00:20:17 Review - Short: “From the Darkness Theatre” 00:23:27 Review - Feature Son of Ghostman 00:30:45 Guest - Jon Kitley, Kitley’s Krypt 00:50:43 Guest - Todd Wieneke, Dark Sky Films 01:19:31 Review - Feature: Cold in July 01:29:00 Review - Short: “Greetings Equinox” 01:40:48 Guest - William Butler, director Madhouse, Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver 01:43:03 Guest - John Jarratt, actor Wold Creek 2, Django Unchained 01:50:31 Guest - Mads Mikkelsen, actor “Hannibal,” Casino Royale 01:58:31 Outro Be sure to keep your ears open for the upcoming HorrorHound Records special podcast that we recorded at the weekend too!