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Apr 3, 2009

NOTLP HHW 0309 Picture
March 2009 HorrorHound Weekend Coverage featuring reviews of the films Alien Trespass, Quench, Plaque Town and Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Thanks to our special guests Bloody Good Horror, Brother D from Mail Order Zombie, Jay from Obscure 80s, Patrick, Louis Fowler, Scott Campbell, and Marv Blauvelt and...

Sep 10, 2008

NOTLP HHW 082908 Picture
Welcome to the NOTLP crew’s coverage of the latest, and greatest, HorrorHound Weekend! We’re back in Indianapolis with movie reviews, interviews, chit chat, and one helluva Starbucks employee. This episode features our general coverage, with more interviews to follow....

Aug 14, 2008

NOTLP HHW 0608 pt. 2 of 2 Picture
This is the second part of NOTLPs HorrorHound Weekend coverage from the June show in Pittsburgh, PA. Lots of stuff happens in part 2, none of which we remember now because its been so damn long. Oh well....

Apr 12, 2008

NOTLP HHW 0308 pt. 2 of 2 Picture
The awesomeness continues with Marchs HorrorHound Weekend Part II. We start with reviews of Timecrimes (Chronos Crimines), and Inside. Then we discuss the Hellraiser panel and reunion. Reviews return with The Vanguard. Then an interview with Warbranch Productions about their latest projects. We finish the movie reviews...

Mar 31, 2008

NOTLP HHW 0308 pt. 1 of 2 Picture
Such HorrorHound Weekend wonders we have to show you. This episode is packed full of in-your-face reviews (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and Sick Girl, Plus, enjoy the review by our newest Jr. Correspondent of Shaun of the Dead. Also featured in Part One of our HHW coverage:Hollywood Heroes: The...