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Jul 29, 2012

NOTLP Episode 285 Picture
In Episode 285 we take a trip to WESTWORLD and have some unanswered questions. And THE WOMAN eats Chiz’s fingers. Enjoy!

Jul 22, 2012

NOTLP Episode 284 Picture
Kelley geeks out in another author chat when he gets to talk cryptozoology with Lyle Blackburn,the author of the critically acclaimed, "The Beast of Boggy Creek", which deals with both theactual legend of the Fouke Monster which has terrified a small Arkansas community for over a century, as well as the famous film it...

Jul 22, 2012

NOTLP Episode 283 Picture
In this special interview episode, Kelley talks with horror novelist Sara Brooke aboutwhy "The Shining" was really scary, sex, death and horror and most importantly, hertwo books, "Still Lake" and "Kransen House"

Jul 22, 2012

NOTLP Episode 282 Picture
Episode 282 wherein Kelley’s bad memory takes us on a painful journey to EVE OF DESTRUCTION. And Andy doesn’t believe in PARANORMAL INCIDENT. Enjoy!

Jul 8, 2012

NOTLP Episode 281 Picture
Episode 281 will shoot the shit out of you – not unlike what happened to ROBOCOP. And Amy would not buy RESURRECT DEAD: THE MYSTERY OF THE TOYNBEE TILES for a dollar. Enjoy!