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Dec 30, 2012

NOTLP Episode 305 Picture
In Episode 305, Amy reviews Rites of Spring for Straight to Video Russian Roulette. The crew discuss the urban terror that is Children of the Corn III. Also, why Mike Nelson says that Twilight is the worst film of all time, Chiseck’s racist high school, Erica’s reverse poop sitch, and Kelley’s lady cop...

Dec 16, 2012

NOTLP Episode 304 Picture
Episode 304 contains alternate content than previously announced in Episode 303. The crew discusses the documentary After Porn Ends. Kelley reviews Lovely Molly for Straight to Video Russian Roulette. The whole crew discusses Creepshow 2 (including a debate of the volume of Stephen King’s contribution to the film)....

Dec 9, 2012

NOTLP Episode 303 Picture
Stephen King month begins with Episode 303. We’re doing sequels all month and the fun begins with PET SEMATARY 2. And Freddy isolates what exactly is so dull about ISOLATION. Enjoy!

Dec 2, 2012

NOTLP Episode 302 Picture
Episode 302 is a brisk sprint through your feedback and some news. We do not devolve intodiscussions about Corey Feldman’s dual rat tails, Flo’s promiscuity on Alice, the Money Phantomand certainly not orgasms during childbirth. There’s also no tamales....

Nov 25, 2012

NOTLP Episode 301 Picture
Episode 301 is a gavel-bangin’ good time! Amy reviews the very dull INTRUDERS. And we put Kelley on trial for enjoying ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. Enjoy!