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Jul 31, 2011

NOTLP Episode 238 Picture
Join us as we take a huge bite out of our Summer vacation! Episode 238 features our discussion of 2007’s best croc movie, ROGUE. And Freddy reviews BRAIN DEAD. Enjoy!

Jul 24, 2011

NOTLP Episode 237 Picture
Episode 237 features reviews Chiz’s review of MINERS MASSACRE. Then the whole gang discusses the original PIRANHA. Enjoy!

Jul 17, 2011

NOTLP Episode 236 Picture
Episode 236 kicks of the crew’s summer vacation with TOURIST TRAP. And Andy reviews the low budget ZOMBEAK for Straight to Video Russian Roulette. Enjoy!

Jul 10, 2011

NOTLP Episode 235 Picture
It’s the monthly feedback/debris episode! This week, we talk the latest horror news, book reviews and porn. Then we discuss your emails and voicemails. Enjoy!