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Oct 31, 2010

NOTLP Episode 205 Picture
It’s Listener Feedback time for Episode 205! In addition to your lovely emails and voicemails, we talk about the latest news, Andy’s Porner, poop, socket jobs and basically keep it super classy. Happy Halloween!

Oct 24, 2010

NOTLP Episode 204 Picture
The crew wraps up Hitchcock month by discussing several episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" – "The Older Sister" & "The Case of Mr. Pelham" from the 50s and The Jar from the 80s. And Freddy gives us the rundown on the latest Roulette selection, Meadowoods....

Oct 17, 2010

NOTLP Episode 203 Picture
Hitchcock month continues in Episode 203 with a discussion of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Amy reviews the latest roulette selection, ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION, which sparks a fun debate about political satire in horror movies. Enjoy listening to our show? How’s about you leave a nice review on iTunes? We would love...

Oct 10, 2010

NOTLP Episode 202 Picture
Episode 202 kicks off Hitchcock month with THE BIRDS. And our new graduate, Chiseck, gives us the skinny on the Straight-to-DVD film, CARRIERS. Enjoy! And if you love us, love us publicly. A review on iTunes would be...

Oct 3, 2010

NOTLP Episode 201 Picture
In this episode, news, a Book Corner segment featuring Fungus of the Heart by Jeremy C. Shipp, Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, and the graphic novel Family Bones by Shawn Granger. Plus your emails and voicemails (including a couple of messages from old...