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Sep 27, 2009

NOTLP Episode 156 Picture
Episode 156 features reviews of the 1997 scary space film, Event Horizon, and the 2009 pile of ridiculous, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Enjoy!

Sep 20, 2009

NOTLP Episode 155 Picture
In Episode 155, the NOTLP gang discuss Deadgirl and Andy reviews the latest STVRR pick, Scourge. Enjoy!

Sep 13, 2009

NOTLP Episode 154 Picture
The NOTLP crew is back in action with a new slimmed down format in Episode 154! Join us for discussions of the latest STVRR pick, Within, and the 2005 silent film, The Call of Cthulhu. Enjoy!

Sep 5, 2009

NOTLP Pickmans Model Picture
Pickman’s Model by H.P. Lovecraft Adapted for radio by Kelley Kombrinck Music by Kelley Kombrinck Produced and edited by Freddy Morris