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Apr 26, 2009

NOTLP Episode 138 Picture
We celebrate our 3rd anniversary, and Earth Day, with discussions of The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) and the cult classic, The Toxic Avenger. Also, Freddy enjoys his STVRR pick, Growing Out, a lot and we get a heaping helping of listener feedback. Thank you for an incredible 3 years of...

Apr 19, 2009

NOTLP Episode 137 Picture
Episode 137 features a down and dirty fight between Let the Right One In and Twilight. In non-sparkly vampire news, Kelley reviews the “family-friendly” film, Swamp Devil, for STVRR and unveils a hauntingly familiar movie pitch. Enjoy the...

Apr 12, 2009

NOTLP Episode 136 Picture
Episode 136 will have you reaching for the Zoloft. Sit back, cut yourself and relax whilst listening to us mope our way through discussions of The Morgue, Mysterious Skin, bad parades, losing baseball teams and the truly disheartening French film...

Apr 5, 2009

NOTLP Episode 135 Picture
Episode 135 is a monstrously good time! In this episode, our main attraction is 1982’s Swamp Thing, starring the lovely Adrienne Barbeau. Turns out, you can’t trust nostalgia. We also review ZA: Zombie Anonymous, Monsters vs. Aliens and Monster Cops....

Apr 3, 2009

NOTLP HHW 0309 Picture
March 2009 HorrorHound Weekend Coverage featuring reviews of the films Alien Trespass, Quench, Plaque Town and Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Thanks to our special guests Bloody Good Horror, Brother D from Mail Order Zombie, Jay from Obscure 80s, Patrick, Louis Fowler, Scott Campbell, and Marv Blauvelt and...