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Dec 21, 2008

NOTLP Episode 123 Picture
Holy crap! Its NOTLP’s 2008 year in review. Also, Chiz reviews The Devil’s Chair for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. If you rikey, please leave us a review in the iTunes Store! See you in 2009!

Dec 14, 2008

NOTLP Episode 122 Picture
Episode 122 was inspired by the wicked teachings of Aleister Crowley. Just kidding! But the NOTLP crew did explore some scary Rock ‘n Roll myths which tend to involve the British occultist. Unfortunately Erica-less, we also review the 1988 classic, Black Roses, and the STVRR selection, Primal. And if you’re...

Dec 7, 2008

NOTLP Episode 121 Picture
Episode 121 marks the end of the “horror reality” theme and the crew wraps it up with the universally enjoyed Series 7. Also Dark Floors. Remember, it’s the holidays, so go get your charity on here. And if you like what you hear, tell a friend and review us at the iTunes...