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Aug 17, 2008

NOTLP Episode 108 Picture
This week we take on Ridley Scott’s Alien and ponder the moistness of the future. Also, Amy reviews the aptly titled Botched for STVRR. If you like what you hear, leave a bitch a review at the iTunes store !

Aug 14, 2008

NOTLP HHW 0608 pt. 2 of 2 Picture
This is the second part of NOTLPs HorrorHound Weekend coverage from the June show in Pittsburgh, PA. Lots of stuff happens in part 2, none of which we remember now because its been so damn long. Oh well....

Aug 3, 2008

NOTLP Episode 107 Picture
Episode 107 marks the beginning of “Alien Month” at NOTLP. We kick the festivities off with The Day the Earth Stood Still…klaatu barada nikto, y’all! Also, Chiz reviews Lost Boys: The Tribe favorably, we all love the latest “Fear Itself”, The Midnight...