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Mar 29, 2015

NOTLP Episode 404 - HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati 2015 Picture
Episode 404 is our semi-annual coverage of HorrorHound Weekend. In this episode: 0:00:07 (and throughout) - Amy, Andy, Freddy and Kelley from the convention floor. 0:09:32 - Freddy reviews the feature film The Caretakers. 0:18:40 - Amy and Kelley review the short “Psychopaths” and the feature Killing Poe. 0:26:19 - Freddy and Andy discuss the House panel. 0:36:43 - Matt Hoffman shares a scam that he ran as a teenager working in a movie theatre in Illinois and discuss the Joel Hodgson panel. 0:53:03 - Amy and Mikey B discuss the Guardians of the Galaxy and American Mary panels. 1:13:43 - Kelley and Alexander learn a lesson about how to record audio. 1:19:55 - Andy reviews the feature The Other Side. 1:25:12 - Table Topics with HorrorHound Radio’s Jason Kretten and Kelley 1:46:50 - “Scarie Ann” from The Monster Dolls dance group stops by for a chat with Kelley (she sounds a little Bane-like because she is speaking through a mask). She also wanted to make sure that you check out the talents of the groups fire breather Ms. Nevermore, so be sure to check them out at their next performance. 1:52:58 - And we wrap up our coverage with a very special review of the feature Wyrmwood recorded by father and son duo Troy and Cameron. Enjoy!