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Apr 27, 2008

NOTLP Episode 94 Picture
NOTLP takes a trip down memory lane for our second anniversary and it is totally beast! In this episode, the crew yaks about the latest trip to the drive-in, Freddy happily reviews his STVRR pick (Blood Car), new Matt visits with big news about our website, Chiz and Freddy report on BotCon and Andy laments the global...

Apr 20, 2008

NOTLP Episode 93 Picture
Episode 93 features the most triumphant return of Kelley, who brings you a harrowing list of things that scare him the most. Much talk of giant tomatoes, local news anchors, bread squeezing and vague racism ensues. We also review Frontiere(s), Day of the Dead, and Andy poops on the latest STVRR pick, Catacombs. Tell...

Apr 13, 2008

NOTLP Episode 92 Picture
Episode 92 features a review of Ryan Nicholson’s sophomore effort, Gutterballs. Amy and Freddy discuss the hot mess of a film, Dark Corners, for STVRR and Andy brings you one hell of a Porner. Other topics of discussion are Thora Birch and her weird dad, Chiz’s pitch for Necromancy: A Love Story, Phlegm’s return,...

Apr 12, 2008

NOTLP HHW 0308 pt. 2 of 2 Picture
The awesomeness continues with Marchs HorrorHound Weekend Part II. We start with reviews of Timecrimes (Chronos Crimines), and Inside. Then we discuss the Hellraiser panel and reunion. Reviews return with The Vanguard. Then an interview with Warbranch Productions about their latest projects. We finish the movie reviews...

Apr 6, 2008

NOTLP Episode 91 Picture
NOTLP is happy to welcome Andy back to the show in Episode 91. We are also happy to talk your effin’ ear off again for over 2 hours about The Ruins, Hannah Montana, the latest STVRR pick, Spiral, HorrorHound Weekend, April Fools Day, and things that fit in our pockets. Oh yeah, be sure to keep listening through the...